MKPCL – Convert Image to PCL
For Unix and DOS

  • Works on any character based terminal
  • DOS, Linux, SCO Unix, and freeBSD versions available
  •  Written in “C” programming language
  • Simple command line user interface
  • Creates HP compatible print file
  • Supports BMP, PCX, and JPG file formats
  • Image scaling, compression and rotation, etc.
  • Create printer macros for use as overlays
  • Easy integration into forms and reports

See the ‘Program Description’ link in the MKPCL sidebar for an overview of the program’s operation. Further details are in the ‘User Manual.’ Both of these files are in PDF format that can be saved on your system for later viewing. Download the appropriate demo for your system for testing.  Note that the demo will mark the image with a grid that will not appear in the licensed version. The user manual is included in all of the demo downloads. To order, follow the ‘How to Order’ Link.

$125.00 Canadian Funds (about $100 US)

Note: Canadian orders +GST  – B.C. orders +GST +PST